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Shadow Boxer
Run Time: 2 min
Director: Nic Alderton
Production Sponsors: Soho House, BAFTA,
The Hollywood Reporter, Bombay Sapphire
Starring: Andrew Kinsler, Nathalie Cox

Shadow Boxer was one of 10 scripts selected out of 2000 that received funding and made it to the 2012 Soho House 'House Shorts'

competition finals. 'House Shorts' was produced in collaboration with BAFTA, The Hollywood Reporter and Bombay Sapphire and

included a judging panel of notable industry figures such as Jessica Chastain, Joe Wright and Paul Greengrass.

Throughout the competition stage, House Shorts received considerable media attention in The Hollywood Reporter as well as other 

industry magazines such as Variety, and since the awards ceremony took place, Shadow Boxer has received a theatrical release 

and pre-screened feature films in all Soho House owned cinemas throughout 2013.

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