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Joost Zoetebier - Production Manager of The House at Nexus Studios
'Michael joined our stop motion production "The House" for Netflix when we were extending our workflow from the animatics and shoot to vfx. He was instrumental in helping to further structure our edit project, streamlining the edits, and tweaking and solidifying the collaboration with our assembly editor on the one hand and our vfx team on the other hand. Michael is an excellent communicator, scrutinises every detail and gets on with the job. I would love to work with him again and would highly recommend him!'
Sim Evan-Jones, ACE - Editor of Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
'A stop-motion feature film like Shaun is really a thirteen hundred shot vfx shoot. Multiple plates, motion control, re-times, preview temps, vfx turnovers and constant
re-cuts need to happen on a limited budget and even more limited time. It’s a lot of plates to spin and Michael did it brilliantly, putting in long, long hours, making temps and turning over shots, updating vendors and always keeping an eye on the cut and always with a smile and a great attitude. You can’t ask for more than that!'
Tim Harrington - Animation Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic 
'I worked directly with Michael on Aladdin where he was the main editor for the previs department. Michael is a collaborative team member that contributes creatively to pacing, story and shot design. He’s got solid film making skills and he’s easy to work with. Michael was really good at mixing media from various departments, creating a hybrid of previs with drawings, traditional animation, CG and live action. His experience with different types of media was an asset. I would happily work with Michael again!'
Dino Athanassiou - VFX Lead Story Artist at Walt Disney Studios
'I have been in the animation and film industry for many years. I recently had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Michael Freedman, an enormously talented young editor on Disney's up and coming new live action animation feature Aladdin. Michael's skills as an editor, communicator and team player impressed me and the team on Aladdin no end. His management skills in running his department as well as his creative skills as a film maker/editor impressed both the key creative teams as well as the executives, director and actors on the production. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael for any feature production and I only hope I have the pleasure of working with Michael again in the not too distant future.'
John Schimmel – Senior Performance Capture Producer of Star Citizen: Squadron 42
'I am the performance capture producer for the video game Squadron 42 and am the grateful beneficiary of a recommendation from the Imaginarium Studios to meet Michael Freedman to fill our need for an editor. There was a considerable learning curve for all of us as we figured out exactly how to deal with the mountain of data that was flowing from this very complicated shoot and exactly what the director wanted from Michael, since cutting for a video game is not the same as cutting for a more traditional film. Michael’s patience and graciousness matched his enthusiasm and energy – and, as it has turned out, matches his talent. He is a team player and wonderful – and fun – collaborator. And he had the organizational skills technical expertise to help us shape the workflow of over 800 hours of footage between editorial and the other animation and VFX vendors working on the production. Michael has earned our team’s trust and admiration and this letter should be taken as a full and enthusiastic recommendation for Michael. I can only imagine that he would be an invaluable addition to any team. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns - john.schimmel@'
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